What Are the Best Jobs for Veterans?

About 19 million U.S. veterans. Joining the armed forces can change your future in ways you couldn’t have expected and can lead to a completely new life afterward.

If you’ve just completed your service and are looking to make a big change, it can seem hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of careers for veterans that are some of the best jobs out there.

So if you want to know the best jobs for veterans, keep reading to find out how to start your next adventure.

Military Occupational Specialties And Their Civilian Equivalents

Veterans bring an invaluable skill set to the civilian workplace, which is why a growing number of employers are seeking to recruit veterans. The types of jobs for veterans are ideally ones that leverage the veteran’s Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). Every branch of the military has its own list of MOSs and their civilian equivalents, allowing veterans to bridge the gap between military and civilian roles.

By making the most of these military-to-civilian job equivalents, veterans can easily transition from the military to a civilian career and be competitive in the job market.

Government And Federal Jobs For Veterans

Government and Federal jobs for Veterans are some of the careers for veterans. The government is committed to getting Veterans into positions where they can utilize their unique skill sets, training, and education. Federal jobs offer Veterans the opportunity to put their military experience to work in a variety of meaningful capacities.

These jobs can range from: 

  • Clerical and Administrative
  • Security
  • Intelligence
  • Management positions

Although Veterans may have difficulty landing government and federal jobs, these are some of the best positions for Veterans, making them a great way to start a new career.

Private Sector

Veterans are among the most reliable workers. Many private sector employers seek to hire veterans, who often possess valuable skills and experience acquired while in the military. Qualities such as a strong sense of discipline, excellent communication skills, and leadership abilities make veterans suitably qualified to work in a wide variety of roles.

The type of job a veteran focuses on depends on their background and qualifications. In addition to traditional career paths such as security, construction, and logistics, veterans can find potentially rewarding careers in IT and finance. Furthermore, many employers now offer flexible hours and programs that are designed to help veterans transition from the military to their civilian careers.

Ultimately, veterans have a myriad of options available in the private sector, and they should take advantage of them accordingly.

Additional Training And Education

The best jobs for veterans often come with additional training and education. Taking advantage of this opportunity can give a veteran the skills and knowledge to enter a new field and even open doors for promotions. Many veterans qualify for special funding for additional training and education, and making use of this can be invaluable to career growth.

Continuing education can also help keep veterans informed on the latest developments in their chosen field. Search for va approved trade schools and improve your background.

By attending one of these programs, veterans can gain the skills needed for in-demand jobs in the skilled trades.

Entrepreneurship And Small Business Ownership

Entrepreneurship and small business ownership can be great career opportunities for ex-military personnel. After they have served our country, veterans could benefit from the unique skills that they demonstrated in their military service. They may be highly organized, team-oriented, and reliable – which are great practices for business owners.

Additionally, veterans may possess specialized skills in finance, accounting, human resources, and management, which can be invaluable when launching a small business. Finally, veterans are accustomed to managing their own time and are often adept at problem-solving and resourcefulness. They can have a higher capacity for goal setting – all of which can help when starting and operating a business.


Healthcare is one of the best jobs for veterans due to a variety of reasons. Veterans often excel in medical-related roles due to their strong task orientation and discipline. Additionally, there are numerous healthcare jobs for veterans, including:

  • Medical technicians
  • Paramedics
  • Registered
  • Nurses
  • Nursing home administrators
  • Physicians

Most healthcare roles demonstrate the type of teamwork that veterans are used to in their previous careers. They allow them to tailor their career to their specific strengths. Healthcare roles also give veterans the opportunity to continue their service by providing much-needed medical care to the public.

In addition, veterans can take advantage of the many programs designed to help them transition into healthcare jobs. All in all, healthcare is one of the best career options for veterans who are looking for a challenging, rewarding, and meaningful career.


Technology is an industry that relies on fast-developing skills, from resolving computer issues to writing software code. With the knowledge veterans have obtained from the military, such as tech-savvy skills, security protocol, and the discipline which is ingrained in veterans. They often make suitable candidates for various technology positions.

Some of the best jobs for veterans include software engineering, network security, and cybersecurity. These jobs often offer competitive salaries, benefits, and job stability. With technology expertise and market knowledge, there are plenty of veteran-friendly technology positions for veterans to choose from.

Find The Best Jobs For Veterans

Returning veterans have the skills, training, and experience to make successful and fulfilling career transitions from military service to the civilian workforce. Job hunting can be an emotionally intense process, but there is a range of best jobs for veterans available. Whether it’s utilizing the GI Bill to pursue higher education, landing a job with transitioning programs, or starting your own business, there are options for every veteran. 

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