What Are Dental Implants And Are They Safe?

With the onset of this summer’s round of Love Island reality stars, beautiful young people are going to be wanting to emanate the flashing white smile of their favourite characters. Displaying the epitome of perfect white teeth.

While dental implants represent the epitome of dazzling beauty in the world of reality TV, for many thousands of people they represent the opportunity to rid themselves of broken and damaged teeth that have long plagued their own sense of self esteem and confidence. Previously the domain of expensive private dentists, improving technology and greater knowledge have brought accessibility of this revolutionary dental treatment to a much wider audience. No longer the sole domain of Harley Street in London, dental implants are now available everywhere from the Sutton suburbs of Birmingham, to the golden sands of Turkish dentists, all at extremely reasonable costs.

Why are dental implants so popular?

Dental implants have become extremely popular because they are a permanent fix for a problem which previously had been remedied by often ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. For too long denture wearers have been the butt of people’s jokes, losing them at inopportune moments, looking 50 years old the minute they take them out, feeling too worried about them falling out if you bite into harder foods.

Dentures are an uncomfortable and unpredictable solution that erodes an individual’s self confidence.

Dental Implants Sutton

Dental implants are a more permanent solution. Instead of false teeth set into a plate and then inserted into your mouth to fit your jaw, a dental implant comprises a titanium screw that is fitted directly into your jaw bone. Over time it fuses with your bone to become a permanent fixture. A crown, or replacement tooth, is secured onto this screw to precisely match your existing teeth. You can have one or more implants.

The implant will enable you to speak, eat and do everything that you would normally do if you still had your own teeth, and should remain intact and functional for the rest of your life, provided you take care of them in the same way as you would take care of your own teeth.

Providing a natural look

Aesthetically, dental implants are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. However, it is not just with aesthetics that implants can prove so vital in terms of oral health. If you have a tooth missing, that part of your jawbone can lose some of its integrity due to the lack of stimulation incurred through chewing. That stimulation actually helps to preserve jawbone density. Without it, the bone starts to deteriorate.

Drilling into the bone and fixing a titanium screw into the jaw may seem like a drastic approach. However, the metal is designed to quickly fuse organically into the bone, adding to its integrity and strength.

A long term solution

Undergoing dental implant treatment is not the cheapest option. While you can save some money by seeking treatment overseas, make sure you do your research carefully on providers in countries like Turkey and Bulgaria to ensure that you choose a reputable company.

However, due to the long term nature of the solution, it works out to be a much more cost effective treatment. Due to their temporary nature dentures will often need replacing, This is both expensive and time consuming, not to mention the continuous discomfort of getting used to a new set of dentures.

To this end, dental implants have become increasingly popular as a permanent solution to serious dental problems. The number one rule to ensure a successful treatment is to thoroughly research your provider.

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