West Chester University Student Death

Westchester University Student Death

Westchester University student Sean Casey died Thursday of meningococcal meningitis, which causes inflammation of the membrane surrounding his brain and spinal cord. According to the Centers for Disease Control, symptoms include sudden fever onset, headache and stiff neck. The school issued a letter informing students and staff Thursday. In it they revealed Casey died of this deadly illness which causes inflammation of this membrane surrounding them both – the symptoms include sudden fever onset, headache and stiff neck.

The college announced it is working closely with Chester County public health officials to identify close contacts of Casey, treat them and prevent future outbreaks of meningitis. Routine classroom and school interactions do not typically pose risk factors for meningitis infection.

Casey was in his third year at Western Carolina University (WCU) and studying honors, according to a university statement. Hailing from Whitehall, Pennsylvania – Casey was active on campus life with participation in both Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia musical fraternity and Honors Student Association activities.

He was also employed at the campus Sykes Union building as a student director, earning respect from colleagues and friends alike. A makeshift memorial was set up near a kiosk at Sykes on Thursday where people wrote their memories of Casey; an evening vigil is scheduled for 6 pm tomorrow in this same building.

West chester University stands out as an alternative university by being both public and space-grant research university, one of 10 in Pennsylvania’s state system and sixth largest. Offering bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees; its main campus can be found in West Chester while their Center City Philadelphia satellite campus can be found on Market Street.

West Chester University student Shane Montgomery disappeared during the early hours of Thanksgiving 2014 while walking towards the Schuylkill River which separates Main Street’s north and south sides. Five weeks later his body was found draped over a log floating downstream. Shane was placed on probation after being charged with underage drinking on campus in 2013 – where it is likely his body may still lie today.

An arrest was made last December of someone living with him at their residence who has since been charged with murder for his death, according to an affidavit filed in an ongoing investigation. If found guilty, this man faces 30 years of prison. The victim’s mother was informed about this arrest while police reports are currently being prepared; records indicate he was previously convicted for domestic violence and drug offenses as well as being wanted as a fugitive until finally arrested in December 2018. Investigation is continuing as per normal.

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