Wendy Williams Shoe Line

Wendy Williams Wig Line Reveals Her Larger Than Life Personality

Wendy Williams is known for her outsized personality, which can be seen throughout all aspects of her life – from hosting her own talk show to designing her wig line and being the go-to gossip host, she always goes for big. Additionally, Wendy is widely credited as having inspired other celebs’ gossip segments with her influence being felt across Hollywood.

Williams recently made headlines for standing by Kourtney Kardashian after criticism was levelled against her for allowing her six-year-old daughter, North West, to wear nearly $400 shoes. Williams addressed this controversy during her show and revealed that she has no issue with Kourtney’s footwear choices for Kourtney’s daughter.

As a TV host, Wendy Williams is known for wearing high-end designer clothing and shoes from Louis Vuitton and Birkin bags – and recently, even sneakers like Nike Air Max 95s! It is no secret that Wendy wears her fashion icons proudly on display.

While most celebrities tend to remain private about their personal lives, Williams stands out by being open and honest about her life and opinions with viewers on her talk show. Her passion for sharing her thoughts and opinions with viewers led to several contentious moments on air; moreover, this led to several public feuds and accusations that she may be racist.

Since 2008, Williams has been an indispensable presence on her daytime talk show. Each week she covers celebrity gossip and provides uninvited opinions about various “hot topics”. Williams is famous for her genuine reactions and candid commentary that makes up the foundation of her successful hosting career.

Despite controversy, she has managed to remain true to herself and maintain a large and passionate following who love her for it. Hailing from New Jersey, she also operates several ventures such as book series, her wig collection and clothing line. Furthermore, she has appeared in movies and television shows in addition to owning an influential radio station.

Recently, Williams has experienced some health challenges. The media personality has long suffered from Graves disease and recently experienced an apparent flare-up of it – leading her to close her show for some weeks in order to focus on recovering her health. Williams cites her condition as the reason for this absence from her chair.

She’s ready to embrace new challenges as they arise and is planning on exploring podcasting as a potential avenue of revenue, telling TMZ Live she plans on pursuing podcasts which she believes could make more than her show did. With enough hard work she could become one of the leading voices in podcasting.

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