Wendy Williams Judge Greg Mathis Interview

The Wendy Williams-Judge Greg Mathis Interview

During her 20+ year career as a radio personality, Wendy Williams earned a reputation for no holds barred interviews that sometimes escalated into major blowups. Today she is the queen of daytime television, but her style is much more tame than she used to be.

Whether she was talking to celebrities about their drug use or sexual proclivities, Wendy Williams’ brash style earned her a broad base of devoted fans and prompted a number of tell-all memoirs. She spoke of her own ten-year cocaine addiction, her date-rape by an R&B singer, abortions, miscarriages, and multiple plastic surgeries.

Her infamous interview with Judge Greg Mathis on WBLS/New York’s “The Wendy Williams Experience” in 2002 gave her a bitter taste of her own medicine. She asked him about a woman he was alleged to have had an affair with and instead he served her a dose of his own messy medicine.

The judge ripped into Williams by asking her about her rumored relationship with him and went in on her for everything from her alleged drug use to her same sex encounters she had in front of her husband. It was a classic showdown that you won’t want to miss!

Keke Palmer gets the talk-show spotlight on BET

BET has added Keke Palmer to its growing roster of talk show hosts. Palmer, who starred in Akeelah and the Bee and True Jackson, VP, joins Wendy Williams, Queen Latifah, Tamera Mowry and others in a series that will air Monday through Friday in afternoons for a four-week trial.

She’ll also be a part of the network’s upcoming show, The Real (which debuts in fall). With the pickup, Palmer becomes BET’s youngest talk-show host.

In her talk-show role, Palmer will be a fixture on social issues and pop culture, as well as talk about fashion, sex and celebrity interviews. She also will be involved in on-the-street and undercover segments.

Her show will also be a place where she can discuss her own personal experiences and share her insights into social issues. She will offer tips and advice to her guests on topics including etiquette, dating, relationships and parenting.

Another BET star will appear on the new show: The Honorable Judge Greg Mathis Sr. He will be featured in the series along with his wife Linda and their four adult children, Jade, Camara, Greg Jr. and Amir.

The show will be filmed in Los Angeles and will follow Mathis as he navigates the complexities of life with his family. It will be a fun and exciting series that gives viewers a glimpse into the life of an honorable judge.

He’s no stranger to TV, as he’s one of the most straight-forward judges on the show. With his wife of 30 years, Linda, and their four grown children in the same city, this is a unique look into Judge Mathis’ family life.

The show will be a must-watch for fans of Judge Mathis. The new reality series will give fans a rare peek into the life of an honorable and straight-forward judge.

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