Weekend At Bernie’s Jacket

Weekend at Bernie’s Jacket

Weekend at Bernie’s Jacket is a 1980 movie that has become an icon of cult cinema, with an avid fanbase that continues to enjoy it today. When released, it surprised everyone and remains popular today when people want a great 80’s comedy.

Silverman and McCarthy star in this lowbrow comedy that uses the corpse of a dead body as props, giving them plenty of chances to exaggerate their reactions for laughs. Although it could easily be written off as just another joke or bad movie, its simple premise and great humor will always remain with those who remember it.

The Film’s Message

Bernie has been dead for months before Larry and Richard arrive at his beach house to investigate whether Bernie is hiding any money from them. They find a huge discrepancy in the company books, providing them with an opportunity to advance. So they volunteer their services, working late nights and weekends in an effort to prove themselves worthy.

As the film progresses, they uncover that Bernie has a mob hitman stalking the island who intends to murder them. To protect themselves, they use Bernie’s body as a mask and pretend he is still alive; taking him around the island in various locations, carrying and dragging him along as though he were being pulled by a boat!

This film is meant to be a fun family entertainment, but it also provokes viewers to question why they’re watching it in the first place. It raises questions about dead bodies and why they don’t decay or stink like in real life.

This movie contains plenty of slapstick, but it isn’t your standard type. Instead, the film blurs the line between slapstick and body horror so much that they become one.

As Paulie, a gunman by the name of Paul, arrives on the scene, he is shocked that Bernie is alive and quickly opens fire on him. After taking some shots, Paulie turns his attention towards Larry, Richard and Gwen but they manage to escape from the gunfire. Meanwhile, Larry attempts to subdue Paulie using both punches and phones.

It is the first film to feature a deceased character as an active part of the plotline and it shows in many ways. Characters will often be engaged in conversations with Bernie while no one seems to notice him. Additionally, there is one scene where an employee wraps an arm around Bernie for a business discussion.

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