Weather Mt Adams Nh

Weather Mt Adams Nh

Weather for Mt Adams Nh

Mount Adams, part of New Hampshire’s Presidential Range and named for President John Adams, stands as the second highest peak. Home to one of America’s two highest glaciers and numerous climbing routes leading up to its summit, Mt Adams is easily one of the state’s premier landmarks.

Adams Mountain provides more than breathtaking summit views; it also offers miles of hiking trails that lead to beautiful ridgelines and meadows. Adams is best known for its ten active glaciers – some visible from its summit – rock headwalls, and ice falls. To climb it safely it requires proficiency in alpine mountaineering as well as extensive experience on snow and ice as well as using specialist climbing equipment.

Adams Mountain is one of the more remote mountains in the White Mountains and as such receives far fewer visitors than some of its nearby peaks. Due to its isolation and wilderness character, Adams was designated a Wilderness Area in 1964 with some recreation available on Yakama Nation Indian Reservation including climbing routes ascending the Mazama Glacier. Peakbaggers love this mountain as it features in numerous mountaineering guides.

NOAA is the US Government agency responsible for national weather forecasting. This forecast shows a seven-day outlook for Mount Adams at an elevation of 5775 feet, which you can customize by turning on or off elements that you would like to view.

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