Waterbury Hit And Run

Waterbury Hit and Run Suspect Arrested

John Egan, 58, the former chairman of Waterbury Zoning Commission has been charged with striking and fleeing from a 17-year-old boy with his car on Friday at midnight at West Main Street and Highland Avenue intersection near his 2022 Cadillac XT5. Egan resigned his post following the accident which critically injured the teenager. Police claim Egan was driving his 2022 Cadillac XT5 when it collided with him near West Main Street and Highland Avenue intersection about midnight that same night he hit him.

Egan was charged with evading responsibility causing serious physical injury or death and failing to yield when turning left; they have since been identified by investigators as living nearby, WFSB reports. Investigators traced Egan’s vehicle registration back to him; only one other individual owned it in town registered under him – WFSB reports. He was charged with failing to yield while turning left and failure to yield while turning left, respectively.

Egan’s wife and legal guardian told WFSB that he is an honorable person who doesn’t deserve what has happened. She expressed difficulty finding words to express their feelings right now while they wait on a decision from the hospital regarding Calle’s future.

She finds it difficult to comprehend that he could possibly be suffering without faith and love from his family. “We adore him immensely,” she said. “Nobody deserves this suffering; all we want him back.”

While it remains unknown as to what caused the collision, AAA advised drivers that can prevent similar incidents by paying close attention to their surroundings, giving pedestrians who aren’t at designated crosswalks space and leaving plenty of space when passing cyclists.

As per Connecticut General Statute 14-224, drivers involved in accidents must remain on the scene to provide their name and insurance information. Failing to do so constitutes an offense punishable with up to 20 years incarceration as well as a fine.

Egan purchased 14 drinks in approximately 10-hours at Verdi Bar before colliding with the teenager, according to his arrest warrant. On one tab were five “long drinks”, one Michelob Ultra and two Old Fashioneds while his second tab included High Noon and Josh Cabernet Sauvignon Sauvaugnon wines from Josh Cabernet. Police tracked Egan through security footage to verify his purchases.

Ortiz told ABC News that when their son was hit in Ecuador during a family vacation, his parents have been denied access. Doctors at CCMC require parental permission in order to provide certain treatments – however they have been refusing family requests via telephone calls and have also attempted to secure travel visas from Ecuadorian officials without success.

Family members claim the victim can recognize them, blink and occasionally move their hand while under medical coma and life support.

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