Was There A Shooting In Nashville Today

Was There a Shooting in Nashville Today?

On Monday morning in Nashville’s capital city, an armed 28-year-old named Audrey Hale opened fire on three students and three staff members at Covenant School before police shot and killed him. Police believe Hale may have had access to detailed maps of Covenant School as he used a gun to gain entry through its side door using this plan, leaving behind writings such as manifestoes which investigators are still reviewing today, Police Chief John Drake stated. Although their motive remains unknown they believe the attack may have been driven by some type of resentment that stemmed from something or someone.

at 10:27 a.m. when they heard shots fired on the second-floor of a school, two officers of Metropolitan Nashville Police Department opened fire after seeing assailant shooting; as soon as he ran outside and was seen shooting by officers they fired back again and shot assailant while fleeing, according to a spokesman from Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. No other injuries occurred as result of this shooting incident and all officers are now receiving hospital care;

Parents and relatives of the victims were in mourning Monday as they struggled to comprehend this tragedy. Hallie Scruggs, a ninth grader at the school and daughter of Chad Scruggs who serves as pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church that connects to it, was among two young victims killed – along with Cynthia Peak who died at age 61 – that day President Obama condemned school violence and demanded tighter gun regulations.

Recent years have witnessed several deadly mass shootings at schools, with 21 children and six adults killed at an elementary school in Texas last year alone. These tragedies sparked renewed discussions about gun violence, its causes and how best to safeguard schools.

The shootings also reignited debate about whether music stars should speak out against gun violence. Rosanne Cash, daughter of country music icon Johnny Cash, lashed out against Republican U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn for using the tragedy to advance her political ambitions; Blackburn has received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association and seeks election as Senator herself.

Metro police responded quickly after receiving a report of gunfire at a Nashville school at 10:13 a.m. and quickly arrived, according to their statement. When they entered, they heard gunshots coming from the second-floor teachers lounge area before hearing more gunfire on the first-floor classrooms – eventually going up to hear gunshots on second-floor teachers lounge area where assailant had taken position and killed him at 10:27 am by officers, according to their spokesman – video footage has also been made available of this incident.

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