Vintage Halloween Light Up Ghost

Vintage Halloween – Light Up Ghost Lights

Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to start decorating for this spooky holiday. If you need a quick way to add some festive touches to your home, try turning an old thrift store glass light shade into a ghost light!

These lights are simple to make and the perfect way to add a festive touch to your holiday decor this year. Plus, they’re battery-operated so they will remain lit even if left out all year round!

Old Halloween Collectibles

Add some festive atmosphere and history to your home this Halloween with some vintage ephemera. From vintage noisemakers and postcards, there are endless types of spooky items you can collect.

Vintage Halloween offers a world of noisemakers, postcards, paper mache lanterns, party decorations, books and candy containers as well as costumes and accessories. While some items can be expensive to purchase, you might also find great bargains at thrift stores or yard sales.

Printed Cutouts and Moveable Paper Decorations

One of the most sought-after Halloween items, according to Antique Marts Magazine, is the printed cutout. These were affordable to make and often came as sets of two or more. According to New England Historical Society records, Dennison Manufacturing Company was the major provider of printed Halloween cutouts during the early 20th century; you can still find them today at antique marts or online.

Another popular paper item from the 1920s and 1930s were these moveable paper decorations. These originals featured flat paper joints with hinges at their arms and legs, allowing them to be hung on a wall. You can still find these at thrift stores or antique marts as well as in collections of vintage Halloween ephemera.

This dancing jack-o’lantern from Biestle Company is another great example of moveable paper decorations. While more delicate than some of our other featured items, this charming piece would look lovely in any Halloween home decor collection.

Wiggly Cats

Looking for a whimsical take on paper decorations? Look no further than this adorable orange kitty! Sure to please kids of all ages, this little orange kitten will add some playful charm to your holiday decor.

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