Victoria Secret Devil Costume

Angels Step Out for the Victoria’s Secret Halloween Party

Victoria’s Secret runway show is one of the world’s most glamorous and extravagant events. Hosted around the world since 1995, it attracts millions of viewers each year. However, models must also dedicate a great deal of effort to prepare for their big night!

Models often put in long hours and traveled thousands of miles to prepare for an event, while being paid handsomely to wear their lingerie, dance, and stand before cameras as if they’re the next big star.

Victoria’s Secret also hosts an annual Halloween party in addition to their fashion show. Typically held in Los Angeles, this event has also been hosted in other cities.

Every year, Victoria’s Secret angels are seen wearing some of the most elaborate and expensive costume designs ever created. These pieces are exclusively created for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and always a show stopper!

At a Halloween party this month, Alessandra Ambrosio donned the iconic devil costume! The Brazilian model donned a red low-cut bodysuit with attached cape, fishnet tights and red knee-high boots for the festive occasion.

Though not the most daring costume, Alessandra’s look is definitely worth taking a second glance. Her fur wrap and devil horns make for an especially spooky Halloween party outfit!

Victoria’s Secret models have a tradition of dressing up for Halloween, with Khloe Kardashian (Crusella de Vil and True Wolf) and Candice Swanepoel also showing off some sultry looks last year.

This year, we welcomed some new faces to the runway – Winnie Harlow and Kelsey Merrittt were two. Additionally, Gigi Hadid made a return appearance, while Angel Adriana Lima said goodbye to modeling after 20 years with the brand.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been held annually for decades, featuring some of the top models in the industry. At one point, it was even one of TV’s most-watched programs!

In 1995, Victoria’s Secret unveiled its first fashion show and it quickly became known for its lingerie-inspired looks. At first, only sleek slips and shiny bras would be seen on the runway; however, over time more and more styles began to dominate the event.

While lingerie still reigned supreme on the runway, brightly-colored costumes and dramatic wings started to make an appearance. Additionally, there was a touch of fantasy present as models paraded down it wearing attire inspired by fairy tales and myths.

In 1977, Les Wexner founded the lingerie company as a catalog business and later bought it in 1986. Since then, the brand has become an international success story and a staple of fashion. Thanks to his talented employees and cult-like atmosphere created around the brand by Wexner, employees bought into its business model with enthusiasm and commitment.

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