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Vanessa Bryant – Kobe Bryant’s Wife

Vanessa Bryant is Kobe Bryant’s wife, and their lives have been interwoven for much of his career. From his rise to NBA dominance to infidelity scandals and health issues that threatened divorce proceedings – Vanessa stood by him during every stage. But unfortunately three years ago Kobe and Gianna died tragically in a helicopter accident together, leaving fans, athletes, sports journalists mourning a beloved basketball legend as well as family man.

Kobe and Vanessa gave emotional interviews on national television shortly after their accident occurred, and also donated all their personal possessions to charity as a stark reminder of this tragic event that would change so many lives forever.

Even after their public display of grief, there were indications of reconciliation. Vanessa changed her Instagram profile photo to feature Gianna and Kobe hugging each other for the first time since their crash.

Vanessa soon learned that LA County Sheriff and Fire Department employees had taken and shared graphic photographs of those killed in the helicopter crash, further compounding her pain and prompting panic attacks due to worrying that these pictures might still exist out there in public view.

Vanessa successfully sued the county of Alameda County for violating her civil rights, yet did not win the full $31 million that was demanded of them by Vanessa’s attorneys. Instead, they granted a significant settlement payout instead that will go to Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation, honoring both husband and daughter who passed away.

At first, Vanessa served as Kobe’s manager and bodyguard. However, as they became increasingly famous together, so too did their entourage; eventually having both a home in Los Angeles and one in Newport Beach with bodyguards always present for protection.

But, despite living an extravagant lifestyle and benefitting from celebrity privilege, they were still subject to the usual ups and downs of celebrity marriages, including arguments, reconciliation and infidelity claims – but as time progressed their relationship remained strong despite it all.

When they finally tied the knot in 2002, it was an eagerly awaited event. Their daughter Natalia Diamante Bryant was born two years later – they named her after themselves to honor their mutual affinity for diamonds. Although their relationship teetered on the brink of divorce multiple times over its course, ultimately it survived as one of sports history’s most iconic couples.

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