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Are Tyler Henry’s Psychic Abilities Real?

If you have seen Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, you know he has earned himself quite the reputation as an adept medium who can communicate with deceased loved ones through psychic readings with celebrities who agree to sit down with him and discuss their troubles. While he’s had some successes in this respect, there have also been disappointments that some believe render his abilities fake.

Tyler Henry is a self-described “clairvoyant” and author of two books. He has gained widespread notoriety through his reality shows “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry” and “Life After Death With Tyler Henry”.

He claims he possesses genuine psychic abilities in both of his TV programs, yet critics accuse him of using deceptive cold and hot reading techniques that mislead viewers into believing his readings are from spirit guides rather than himself.

Tyler’s readings appear limited to people with already established entertainment industry careers or those already famous. While this might not necessarily be considered negative, as this gives his readings a compelling hook, it would have been great to see him try talking to an individual without such high profile; but doing so might prove challenging if Tyler truly had psychic powers; you’d think at least some connections could be made between popular people who weren’t as famous but still well known – such as famous people not directly associated with his field (e.g. famous people not in the public eye)

One notable instance was when he conducted a reading for former Disney actress Bella Thorne. During the reading, he mentioned a man who died in a vehicular accident and referenced 2007. Thorne later revealed that both her father and brother had died as the result of motorcycle accidents in 2007.

Matt Lauer of “Today” show was also moved when he heard him describe an elderly relative carrying around an old pocket knife with declining health who desired a home funeral, something common among senior citizens. Lauer started weeping, showing his connection with this dead person’s memory.

Henry needed just a bit of advance information; a quick search online could have provided him with answers about who this person was and what had transpired with them.

Henry plays on his client’s sorrow to demonstrate he can communicate with the dead, according to an article in Skeptical Inquirer. This practice, known as grief vampire, involves feeding off other’s grief in order to gain attention and gain notoriety for communicating with deceased souls. Unfortunately, all he seems to do in exchange for that attention is promote his television show and write books claiming psychic abilities; perhaps more usefully employed as an influencer rather than celebrity medium; his claim might actually do more damage than good – making it essential for audiences to research claims before tuning in or tuning into any show or celebrity medium claim before engaging.

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