Tsu Surf Net Worth – Rahjon Cox, Better Known As Tsu Surf, is a New Jersey-Born Rapper

Rahjon Cox, commonly referred to by his stage name Tsu Surf is an accomplished New Jersey-born rapper with considerable talent in battle rap battles and has released several well-received mixtapes.

His 2019 album Seven25 marked his transition from battle rapping into mainstream music industry, featuring top producers like MOZZY, real hood banger Benny the Butcher and Tokyo Jetz as featured artists.

Early Life and Education

Tsu Surf has long been recognized in the music industry as an influential battle rapper, garnering widespread acclaim due to his visceral lyrics and dominating performances during rap battles. His candid lyrics have won him many fans throughout New Jersey. His raw, honest songs touch many hearts and have amassed a large fan following.

Tsu Surf was born and educated at West Side High School. Soon after graduation he made waves in battle rap circles by garnering millions of fans with his hard-hitting rhymes. Additionally he released several well-received mixtapes including Garden Grillz, Tsu Me, and Newark that garnered much praise.

In 2019, he released Seven25 which quickly rose up the charts and solidified him as an established mainstream musician rather than just being involved with street MC battles. Following that release, Blood Cuzzins saw him collaborate with notable artists such as MOZZY, Benny the Butcher, and Tokyo Jetz for its next project titled Blood Cuzzins.

Professional Career

Tsu Surf began his music career over a decade ago as a battle rapper and has since developed into a legitimate musician who is considered an expert in his genre.

On Thursday (April 27), Tsu Surf, real name Rahjon Cox, made an appearance via video to plead guilty to racketeering conspiracy and possessing firearms and ammunition after having been convicted as a felon. If found guilty, his sentence could reach up to 30 years.

Surf has released multiple mixtapes and albums that have been well received by both fans and critics alike, including his visceral lyrics and commanding presence onstage. In addition, Surf has frequently served as commentator/host at various SMACK/URL events. He currently is working on new LPs/mixtapes while continuing to appear as commentator/host at these events.

Achievement and Honors

Rahjon Cox, better known by his stage name Tsu Surf, has quickly established himself as an iconic figure in hip hop. Known for his emotive lyrics that capture emotion with every beat of music he produces, Tsu Surf’s songs bring to life stories of triumph and struggle with genuine honesty.

Tsu Surf has released multiple popular mixtapes and albums, some of which have earned millions of views on YouTube. Furthermore, his royalties income is considerable.

Tsu Surf released Seven25, his debut album since being shot five times in July 2018 (it also features MOZZY and Tokyo Jet), alongside Derez De’Shon, FS Kell, Baby Face Gunna, and Stacey Barthe.

Personal Life

Rapper Tsu Surf (born Rahjon Cox) has established himself as one of the go-to figures in battle rap, thanks to his signature visceral lyrics and authoritative presence. He forms strong bonds with his audience through music that often depicts inner city living conditions through dark, depressing lyrics.

He has collaborated with rappers such as MOZZY, Benny the Butcher and Tokyo Jet to great effect. His debut album Seven 25 was an astounding success; its successor 2:00 AM followed suit as did Blood Cuzzins which came out this year as well as work on MSYKM 2020 album project.

Rapper Sonny Earns an impressive sum from royalties on albums and singles streamed by fans, enjoying a luxurious lifestyle as evidenced by frequent photos on Instagram featuring flashy cars and boats in his postage stamp-sized garage.

Net Worth

Rahjon Cox, better known by his nickname Tsu Surf, first made waves as one of the premier battle rappers over a decade ago. His hard-hitting lyrics and powerful performances in battle duels earned him much renown from both fans and rivals alike. Beginning in 2019, Tsu Surf began transitioning into mainstream music as an independent artist.

Seven25, his January 2019 release, was an overwhelming success, ranking #2 on iTunes and breaking into Billboard’s top thirty across all genres. The project featured MOZZY, Benny the Butcher and Tokyo Jet as some of its artist participants.

Though Tsu Surf faces RICO charges that could put him behind bars for as much as 30 years, according to an account provided by Vada Fly, he remains free and active with SMACK/URL events, serving as both commentator and host.

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