Trouble By Twin Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 5 – Trouble by Twin

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 kicks off with a brand-new group of interns. As they progress through their internships, there will be plenty of drama and conflict at the hospital as executive producer Krista Vernoff told Variety she wanted this new group to remind viewers of Meredith’s intern years from Seasons 1-3.

On their first week together, Meredith and Derek meet Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), a surgeon who displays his surgical abilities for them. They enlist his assistance with an upcoming heart and liver transplant surgery – however it quickly becomes evident that this case will be challenging.

When Alex’s surgery fails, the parents of twins are devastated. Alex tries a last-ditch surgical save on the boy twin but unfortunately it proves unsuccessful; rather than simply letting the infant pass away, Alex holds him close as he succumbs.

As if that weren’t enough, the doctor also manages to infect another girl with an infection. As she and Shane work to cure her, it becomes evident that their team hasn’t been as proactive in taking care of other patients.

Everyone involved strives to do their best in trying circumstances, and they both give 100% effort. They take turns in the operating room, working tirelessly together to make this surgery as successful as possible.

Despite the difficult circumstances, everyone pulls together to give this patient a second chance at life. It’s an emotional moment as it marks the first time all of the team members have worked with one patient throughout the entire episode; yet one that will surely have a lasting impression on them all.

This storyline took an unexpected turn in the episode, leaving fans to speculate what this could mean for Bailey and Ben (Jude Law). After only being back together for two weeks – an incredibly fast timeline – they may be wondering what this means for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Amelia and Kai continue to deepen their bond as they spend quality time apart from the hospital. Amelia even shares that she’s been experimenting with a device meant for meditation – they share an intense gaze as they reflect on how quickly their time together is coming to an end.

Finally, they finally share a kiss. After some hesitation, Amelia is uncertain if they’re meant for each other yet still insists on being with Kai. Both are still trying to decide if they are ready for a serious relationship.

It’s a sad but satisfying ending for the episode, although it doesn’t have the same emotional impact as some of the other cases on the show. Richard and Bailey’s case was particularly challenging, yet also provided them with an opportunity to grow as individuals.

One case that had a significant effect on the episode was Greg’s parasitic twin, an intriguing medical mystery. After conducting some research, Dr. Webber reveals that the patient is an eccentric junk collector with an odd relationship to his parasitic twin. Although Greg wishes to keep it, after Dr. Webber performs surgery, Greg decides against keeping it.

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