Trisha Quits The Podcast And Storms Out

Trisha Quits the Podcast and Storms Out

Trisha Paytas made her announcement via an emotional YouTube video that they are leaving their popular podcast Frenemies. Paytas, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, had co-hosted this show since September 2020 alongside H3H3 Productions’ co-host H3H3 Productions’. Together they were known for engaging in lively debate about topics such as James Charles’ assault allegations or disgraced influencer David Dobrik’s fall from grace.

On Monday’s episode, Paytas and Klein engaged in a heated exchange over the direction and roles of their show. Paytas complained they did not have input into decisions related to the podcast and only received a fraction of profits which should have been split equally among crew members.

At the conclusion of the episode, Paytas announced their departure due to unresolvable creative differences with Klein and stated they hoped the show could continue without them; she added they hoped Klein found another co-host soon.

Paytas posted another video called ‘one more thing’ several hours later to further express their anger with the situation. They insinuated that disagreement over money was indicative of larger issues within the team and felt like Klein was trying to portray them as monsters with his latest video.

As the arguments escalated, they became more intense and personal, with both parties using previous TikTok videos to support their positions. Paytas also noted that his production crew had put forth efforts each week in filming his podcast; their feelings had been ignored.

Klein responded that their disagreement was about creative ownership of the podcast rather than money; and claimed he only took five percent of AdSense revenue profits for production costs.

Fans of both podcasts are outraged, leaving fans of both channels heartbroken by the unresolved issues between them. Twitter has been filled with expressions of support ranging from calls for one or both parties to be fired, to ending the feud altogether. As for unreleased merch, there remains uncertainty as to its fate.

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