Travis Scott Tye Dye

Sneaker Trends – Travis Scott x Christian Dior B713

Travis Scott stands tall as one of the premier footwear influencers, thanks to his long list of collaborations spanning Reebok, Nike, Helmet Lang and Jordan Brand sneakers. Travis’ influencer status can hardly be disputed when it comes to sneaker culture and sneaker innovation.

The TS x Air Jordan 6 Retro “British Khaki” is one of the newest buzzy collaborations to hit shelves. This low-top version of the shoe features a brown suede upper with burnt red detailing, an illuminated sole, two stash pockets on its collar for convenient storage, and two glow in the dark soles that glow in darkness – quickly selling out but now back in stock at StockX!

Tie dyeing has quickly become the trendiest style trend on streetwear today, as evidenced by an array of brands who are taking note. From oversized tees and baggy sweatshirts, tie dye is sure to stand out among your outfits and stand out.

Travis Scott has joined high-fashion designers in taking advantage of fashion trends by joining Dior in creating the Travis Scott x Christian Dior B713 collection, featuring earth tones as well as one standout glittery pink sneaker.

Tye dyeing has made a comeback in mainstream fashion thanks to brands like Gucci and Burberry. This cotton hoodie from TS x Astroworld collection features an eye-catching tie dye design complete with an embroidered logo on the chest and graphic print across the rear for an uplifting look.

Tie-dyeing offers one of the greatest advantages over other methods – not only can it create unique shirts but also wallets, headbands and headpieces! And as its popularity increases it will only continue to gain ground.

Next time you need something that exudes high fashion, why not give this tie dye tee or these TS x Dior B713 sneakers a try? They are sure to complete any stylish ensemble.

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