Tom Ford To Die For

Tom Ford is a Man to Die For

Few men can rival Tom Ford when it comes to being busy. His company, Tom Ford SA, earns billions of dollars in annual retail sales and his fashion collections are featured in some of the world’s premier stores. A man who never takes anything for granted and always looks ahead, Tom Ford truly does have a life full of possibilities.

In 2016, Ford recalled during an interview with Jess Cagle that it truly was love at first sight when he and his husband, writer Richard Buckley, first met. As they rode an elevator together in 1986, the two felt an immediate connection.

After meeting, they embarked on a long and loving relationship that included shared houses in Paris, London, Los Angeles and other cities. Eventually they got married and had a son named Jack – now nine years old.

The designer has often spoken of his fear of death and how time is slipping away from him. Yet this hasn’t stopped him from living life fully, becoming one of America’s most successful designers despite his fear.

He has continued to pursue a luxury lifestyle, opening his own boutique in New York City. In addition to creating ready-to-wear garments, he also produces perfumes and eyewear.

One of his most beloved scents, Private Blend, was created in his “own personal scent laboratory.” This niche line fuses two fragrances to create an entirely new aroma.

An indulgent blend of truffles, orchid, patchouli and dark chocolate that has become a global hit among women around the world. Reminiscent of classic Gucci fragrances, it has been worn by celebrities such as Beyonce, Julianne Moore and Lauren Hutton.

This fragrance was first released in 2006. It comes as either a spray or cologne and can be worn everyday for an all-around refreshing scent.

For those seeking a unique scent without breaking the bank, this brand is an excellent option. The perfume can be found at most department stores and online.

Unlike many brands that only provide spray or cologne, this line provides a range of products to choose from, including perfumes, lotions and bath bombs in various sizes at very competitive prices.

Recently, Ford shared with the Wall Street Journal his experience living alone after losing his husband Richard Buckley. He noted that he and their 9-year-old son Jack are gradually adjusting to life as widowers.

He remains active with his business, even after losing his partner. He has a new perfume coming out and plans for a film project as well.

Tom Ford is a good person despite his hectic schedule. He has a son and dog, and hasn’t been drinking. Additionally, Tom expressed how contented he is with life; recently renewing his gym membership and starting to run again – hopefully this time for good!

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