Tom Brady Steelers Uniform

Tom Brady in a Buccaneers Uniform

No matter who your team allegiance may lie with, there’s no denying Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever seen in the NFL. As six-time Super Bowl Champion and three-time MVP he will surely go down as one of its all-time greats. Even now that Brady has moved on from New England he continues to face off against Big Ben’s Pittsburgh Steelers on an almost weekly basis; Sunday marks 16 times they have battled each other!

While the Patriots have won 12 out of 19 meetings against Pittsburgh since 2001, 7 of them have gone in favor of Pittsburgh despite both teams becoming archrivals. That being said, both franchises still show each other respect as evidenced by Roethlisberger meeting Brady before their Week 6 loss was decided and offering an encouraging word before midfield during practice on that particular afternoon.

Roethlisberger went far beyond simply exchanging pleasantries; in essence he told Brady he is the greatest player of his generation – an apparent indication that these two are developing some sort of mutual admiration society in their current football homes.

Though it might feel strange at first, seeing Tom Brady in anything other than his Patriots uniform might take some getting used to, on Tuesday the Buccaneers released photos showing Brady sporting his new colors of Tampa Bay and let’s just say it looked pretty great.

Just months ago, New England Patriots fans were having difficulty reconciling Tom Brady in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform. On Tuesday, however, the NFL unveiled photos showing Tom in his new apparel; some shots may have been somewhat blurry while others showed him off quite sharply.

First to surface online was a photo of Tom Brady wearing his black and white jersey featuring his number 12 during a preseason game against Detroit Lions on Aug. 19.

That photo is also noteworthy as it marks the first time we’ve seen Brady wear his Bucs uniform since they unveiled their revamped uniforms this offseason – some may think it looks odd but I find it very pleasing indeed!

On Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Bucs released several more photographs featuring Brady in their home and away uniforms, all looking fantastic. If you are a Tampa Bay fan, don’t fret: Brady will return to New England for his next game against the New Orleans Saints scheduled for Sept 13th.

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