Tom Brady Signed Book

Tom Brady Signed Book Review

Tom Brady has been playing professional football for the better part of two decades, and in that time, he has amassed a massive collection of accolades, from Super Bowl wins to the coveted MVP award. As the holder of numerous NFL records, he is also one of the longest tenured players in the league. In fact, Tom is arguably the greatest quarterback to ever wear a Patriots uniform.

The TB12 Method encapsulates the best of the best of Tom’s off-the-field fitness routine, and in the process, offers a guide to achieving peak performance of your own. This includes a bevy of scientifically backed training modalities, ranging from the basics like warm ups and cool downs to drills and stretches that are designed to maximize your performance and minimize your risk of injury. What’s more, it’s all explained in a way that anyone can understand.

Aside from the standard ole’s TB12, this book also features a series of other notable items, including a deluxe linen front cover, a silver foil TB12 logo, and a red canvas cloth slipcase. Additionally, the book spruces up the ordinary by offering a variety of high-quality photographs, a few of which are encased in the book itself. One of these photos actually depicts a super bowl sized bottle of bourbon branded with the TB12 logo, as well as a number of other noteworthy relics from the past.

Aside from its content, the book is a nice memento of Tom’s time-tested athletic achievements. Furthermore, the TB12 is an ideal gift for any diehard New England Patriots fan, no matter the occasion. It comes in a classy and durable case that can be placed on the coffee table or on a desk, and is guaranteed to provide a lifetime of fun for those who can appreciate a good story. With the NFL season about to kick off, there’s no better time to buy a copy of the TB12 Method.

Using the TB12 approach as a baseline, Tom has tinkered with his diet, exercise regimen, and other lifestyle aspects to produce a slew of impressive results. For instance, in a single season, the Patriots set a new team record for most wins by a franchise, while winning a record-tying seven Super Bowls. Other accolades include the most intercepted passes, and being the first NFL quarterback to pass for 80,000 yards or more. Another accolade, is the fact that he is the only NFL player to win more than 200 games. While many might argue that this feat is impossible, Tom has made it happen.

Of course, the best thing about the TB12 is that it is a proven method that has worked for a long list of pro athletes. From the NFL’s highest-paid quarterback to the World Cup’s most successful soccer star, the TB12 method has helped to keep Tom healthy and fit. So, it’s no wonder that he has been named the greatest NFL player of all-time by Sports Illustrated.

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