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Ghostwire: Tokyo Game Review

A group of evildoers descend upon Tokyo, wiping out thousands in one day. The city is filled with the remains of their devastation – from abandoned cars to signs of life that were taken away forever.

Tokyo is an awe-inspiring world created by Tango Gameworks. Their recreation of Japan’s capital features ray-traced reflections and constant rainfall, giving each street in Ghostwire: Tokyo an authentic feel. Whether I’m walking down a dark alleyway or passing by neon-drenched convenience store, these streets always pull me out of the game to appreciate their architecture or watch as the sun dips behind a foreboding skyscraper.

Ghostwire: Tokyo centers around Akito Akito’s fight against the supernatural, featuring Jutsu-style poses that unleash wind, fire, water and an uncontrollable spiritual energy that can tear through enemies like paper. This unique way of engaging with the paranormal feels incredible when you begin mastering it – an experience you won’t soon forget!

Throughout the game, Akito must fight to survive, relying on his ability to consume the souls of those who cross his path. He can pull their cores from their bodies and transform them into ethereal pellets of spiritual energy that float up into the air or twist his fingers into elemental attacks that will quickly dispatch their physical form with lightning-like force.

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