Tired Of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Is Tired Of Being The Face Of WWE

WWE star Roman Reigns is an enigma in wrestling; while some fans adore him and others hate him. Reigns is not responsible for this dual reception however; rather it is the result of his booking and what WWE has done with him.

Since his return from cancer treatment, WWE has used Reigns as their face of the company despite him being widely disliked on their roster at that time. Needless to say, this move backfired.

At its core, the idea of picking cancer survivors as the new faces for WWE may not be bad – however it has been done too often and often fails. WWE needs to learn from its mistakes and start choosing more interesting wrestlers as faces of the company.

Roman Reigns is an outstanding worker and could become a top face for WWE if his booking were better managed by Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman; unfortunately, these booking decisions have left Roman underutilized as they attempted to turn him into John Cena in size but instead failed completely for either party involved.

The primary issue lies with WWE and their portrayal of Ryback as a babyface. A large, popular wrestler who gets booed every time they enter the ring doesn’t bode well as it makes it appear that audiences don’t buy into his character and therefore hampering any momentum gained during his run as champion.

Reigns’ main weakness lies in his overpowering nature for the current style of wrestling in WWE. While not the biggest man on the roster in terms of physical size, his size makes him standout when combined with WWE’s current wrestling formula. Although this can sometimes be negative for Reigns’ performances, sometimes this simply isn’t suitable to him and other performers on his/her performance team.

Reigns’ biggest problem lies in his lack of an opponent to challenge him for the title; with no sign that The Rock will return, Reigns may never find someone worthy to battle for it and force his hand as successor. That can only spell disaster for Reigns himself and anyone destined to follow in his footsteps in time.

WWE must start booking Reigns more fairly if we want to end our disdain for him, which only seems to increase as his title run progresses. They must treat Reigns seriously and give him genuine heel heat; otherwise he’ll never become the face of their company they want him to be; which would be unfortunate because he could make for an excellent WWE Champion with proper care taken.

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