5 Things Mental Health Coaching Can Do For Your Health

Mental health is an increasingly pressing issue in our society. It affects more people than ever before, and there are many people who want to improve their condition. However, they often don’t know where to start. The good news is that there are many ways to improve your mental health.

Improved Moods

A recent study found that clients with mental health problems showed a significant decrease in depressive symptoms after engaging in coaching. Improvement was observed during the first week and was sustained throughout the sessions. During the subsequent stages, depressive symptoms dropped even faster. The researchers also found that participants who had been receiving regular coaching were less likely to experience symptoms of anxiety.

The study also found that compliance with homework significantly influenced symptom change. This was in part due to increased accountability. Moreover, coaching sessions allowed clients to develop and apply clinical concepts and skills. These factors contributed to lasting decreases in anxiety symptoms.

Increased Endorphins

Many psychological conditions like depression and anxiety can be treated by increasing endorphin levels in the brain. Endorphins are natural hormones that have a relaxing and stress-relieving effect. In addition, increasing endorphin levels can be beneficial to people recovering from PTSD or anxiety. The increased levels of these chemicals in the brain can also help prevent the symptoms of these conditions. Lack of endorphins is also believed to be a factor in certain mental illnesses, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Research has shown that exercise increases the levels of endorphins in the body, and this is good news for those suffering from depression. Regular exercise, stress reduction, and giving to others can all boost endorphins and increase your overall well-being. Those who have a tough time sticking to healthy habits can use the “high” they get from exercise to maintain the positive changes in their lives.

Helps Create Lasting Change

Mental health coaching is a practical and effective tool to help create healthy change in your life. Working with a mental health coach will help you reframe your thinking, and help you look at problems from a different perspective. Oftentimes, it is difficult to move forward, but your mental health coach can help you see the possibilities and inspire you to take uncomfortable steps.

Mental health coaches are specialized professionals who are trained to guide their clients through the stages of change. They will meet their clients where they are and help them brainstorm actionable steps for change. They will also support clients who have never worked with a mental health practitioner before.

Reduces Symptoms Of Mental Illness

A good support system is crucial to the recovery of a person suffering from a mental illness. It’s hard to get back to the same life as before the illness developed, but it is possible to develop new coping skills. One in five adults experiences mental illness at some point during their lives, and symptoms can last a short while or last a lifetime. Some people may have more than one mental health disorder, and it’s important to understand that there are different treatment options for different symptoms.

Often the best treatment will include therapy as well as nootropic supplements. Sometimes, an individual may also require social support and education to help them cope with the symptoms of the mental illness. For more severe cases, a person might need more intensive treatment at a psychiatric hospital. Fortunately, a majority of these treatments are highly effective, with 70 to 90 percent of individuals experiencing reductions in symptoms and improving their quality of life.

Helps With Stress Management In The Workplace

The effects of stress in the workplace can be far-reaching. Employees cite poor health as a result of stressful issues, and employers report high rates of turnover and medical costs associated with sickness. Work-related stress has many causes, including challenging co-workers, demanding management, and complex projects. Stress management programs can help employees develop healthier habits to help deal with stress.

Employers are responding to the needs of their employees and offering a variety of employee benefits, including stress coaching. These programs typically provide access to mental health apps and free counseling sessions through EAPs. In addition to these benefits, many employers offer health coaching to improve employee wellness and reduce workplace stress.

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