Thierry Mugler 80s Collection

The Thierry Mugler 80s Collection

The Thierry Mugler 80s Collection

For much of the 1980s, Thierry Mugler set the bar for power dressing and body-conscious fashion. His designs featured three-dimensional cuts and vibrant embellishments that were both sultry and theatrical; these garments also projected a strong image – giving women confidence in their own strength.

Thierry Mugler’s designs often drew inspiration from classic ballet and opera works, such as Wagner’s Valkyries or the Queen of the Night. These themes combined to create a dramatic yet futuristic aesthetic which would become increasingly common throughout the fashion industry.

He was born in Strasbourg and trained as a ballet dancer. Along the way he experimented with sculptural forms and costumes, which he saw as an opportunity to express his ideas about femininity and new kinds of beauty.

Mugler’s couture collections were known for their dramatic flair and attention-to-detail. He often featured oversized hats, neon wigs, aerodynamic busts and tight-fitting dresses in his designs.

This stunning Mugler shirt dress is a prime example of their design aesthetic. It boasts classic Mugler details like snap buttons, an angular belt buckle and pointed snap cuffs. Unlined, it’s in excellent condition with one small abrasion to the left sleeve (shown in photos).

For Thierry Mugler, the 1980s were a time of whimsical spirit and exuberance. The designer created an opulent yet glamorous style he coined “sexy but not sleazy.”

Mugler never wavered in his support of LGBTQ+ rights, both on his catwalk and through his campaigns. In 1979 he dressed David Bowie for his tour and served as Artistic Director on Beyonce’s 2009 I Am tour. Additionally, Mugler collaborated with George Michael on his “Too Funky” music video.

He has since earned a place of honor within the industry, his iconic pieces being seen by pop stars like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian West. In 2019, he even designed a dress for Kim that went viral.

His SS19 collection, Les Chimeres, transformed insect-women into fantastic creatures. The showpiece was a winged mermaid made up of all colors of the rainbow that served as its star attraction.

Mugler’s clothing was the epitome of fantasy and fashion, reflecting his dreams. Inspired by carapaces, antennae and blacked-out glasses he saw as being like butterfly wings, Mugler created clothing full of details inspired by these dreams.

Few designers in the world can claim that their garments have been worn by both David Bowie and Madonna – an accomplishment that comes as no surprise given these artists’ signature styles.

Both artists achieved great success, with Bowie breaking through the mainstream and creating a whole new genre. He had an influential relationship with Thierry Mugler, creating an iconic piece for him to wear during his 1979 SNL performance and later for his “Boys Keep Swinging” music video.

They had a special connection, with each of them pushing the limits of queer self-expression. Their friendship served as an incredible inspiration to each other and the wider queer community.

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