The Wolf Of Wall Street Halloween Costume

How to Dress Up Like the Stockbroker From The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street was famous for his dapper appearance and impeccable grooming; to bring him alive for your next costume party, here are a few tips to help achieve his look.

Jordan Belfort, as depicted by Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), is an embodiment of excess. His illicit financial successes lead to drugs, prostitutes and yachts; although The Wolf of Wall Street depicts these outrageous scenarios vividly enough; its focus lies more in exploring underlying themes that run throughout these characters’ lives.

Young viewers may find it difficult to comprehend the film’s depiction of elite and privileged lifestyles as shown in it, which some may see as glorifying sleaze while others believe is an accurate portrayal of how some individuals have contributed to shaping society and shaping our world today.

No matter your opinion of the film’s message, dressing up as Jordan Belfort on Halloween can still impress friends and coworkers. For an extra creative twist, expand your theme by including other members of Stratton Oakmont team in your costume – this way, your stylish group costume shows off more depth of portrayal!

Sandy Powell, known for her collaboration with Martin Scorsese on films such as Gangs of New York and The Departed, designed the costumes in The Wolf of Wall Street. For Jordan Belfort she used broad shoulders and big hairstyles typical of that period to reflect his power; additionally, polarized sunglasses and gold rings highlighted his wealth and status.

To replicate Belfort’s look, start with a dark blue or gray suit featuring a shawl lapel and matching pants. Add a patterned blazer, wide tie or bowtie, sunglasses and gold-colored ring as finishing touches – these details will add another level of authenticity.

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