The Rookie Katie Barnes

Who is the Rookie Katie Barnes?

Who is Katie Barnes, Los Angeles Police Officer? mes Katie Barnes works at the Mid-Wilshire Division police station and is part of Officer John Nolan’s squad.

Although she’s still relatively new, she has quickly earned herself the reputation of being hard-working and dedicated member of the department. But something in her past continues to plague her.

She balances police duties and parenthood while working towards becoming a better person.

Katie is a caring, passionate, and determined young woman who’s also highly observant and intuitive – able to detect when someone lies or has ulterior motives. Katie remains loyal to both her friends and family despite any challenges that may come their way.

Nolan and she have established an excellent rapport, yet are aware that too much too soon could result in her dismissal from the force.

Katie quickly realizes after being arrested for pursuing a shoplifter that she must change her ways if she ever hopes to progress further in her detective career. Determined to regain her former glory, Katie sets out on an exciting path towards redemption.

Nolan and Katie find each other attractive, yet remain committed to their current relationships. While they enjoy spending time together off duty and have some playful banter together, neither one wants it to become more official than it already is.

Katie finds herself drawn to fellow officer Tim Bradford (Matthew Harper Jones). He understands what she’s going through as an ex-military woman and is there when things are difficult.

On her final day as a rookie, she expresses her feelings to him at work on her last day, only for him not reciprocate them. But over time she gets over him and begins dating Bailey Nune (season 3) and Titus Makin Jr (season 4), all while managing both career demands and raising Henry.

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan

The Rookie is an action-drama television series created and produced by ABC that stars Matthew Harper Jones and Nathan Fillion as officers John Nolan and Katie Barnes of the LAPD Mid-Wilshire Division, respectively. Airing Sundays at 10/9c on ABC, filming took place throughout Los Angeles, Oxnard, Burbank as well as at their police station at 111 N Hope St in Los Angeles; follow these links below to gain more knowledge about The Rookie before watching on either ABC or Hulu!

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