The Pop Pacifier Shark Tank Update

The Pop – A Shark Tank Update

If you have an infant, chances are your house is littered with pacifiers. As they frequently fall from a child’s mouth and onto the floor, pacifiers become an endless source of frustration for parents as well as babysitters. That is why mom-entrepreneur Nicki Radzely and business partner Janna Badger came up with The Pop pacifier – a germ-resistant product designed to pop back into its protective case when dropped. Since appearing on Shark Tank, more parents have purchased her product.

Radzely’s company, Doddle & Co., introduced The Pop three years ago and since has won multiple innovation awards from Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. Recommending for infants up to six months old, its design features medical-grade silicone that’s free from BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalates; plus it comes complete with an automatic retracting nipple when dropped which protects it from touching surfaces it comes into contact with and comes in different colors so parents can match it to outfits or outfits worn by their childs outfit!

On the episode of Shark Tank where she presented her company, Radzely received an offer from Kevin O’Leary that provided for $250,000 and 10% ownership in return. Daymond John criticised Radzely’s product valuation of $5 Million but ultimately accepted O’Leary’s proposal.

After its debut on TV, the pacifier became widely available for purchase online and at stores such as Nordstrom and Buy Buy Baby. It quickly received positive reviews, ranking within the top ten among baby teethers on Amazon with three-star ratings from over 70 reviews.

Radzely was recently featured on Shark Tank as she discussed future plans for her business and their appearance on Shark Tank. For more stories of women reinventing themselves, pick up a copy of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday.

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