The Last Mr Bigg Net Worth

The Last Mr Bigg Net Worth

Mr Bigg is a name you might have heard of if you were a fan of rap. He is a popular American recording artist and he even had his own brand of fast food. Unfortunately, it was never big enough to make a dent in the competition. In fact, he failed to meet customer demands. If you’re interested in knowing how much money he is worth, take a look at his net worth below.

Mr Bigg was not as big as his predecessors, but he was still a major player in the dope industry. He was known for his offbeat ways. At one point, he was pimping dope for money and selling it on the West Coast. After a stint in prison for a drug violation, he returned to the fold during Mardi Gras in 1998. It was during this time that he was also charged with resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license and reckless endangerment. However, he was able to get out of jail with the help of his lawyer.

The Last Mr. Bigg is actually a real person named Brett Biggs. While he is only 51 years old, he is also a well-known figure in the financial world. As of 2018, he owns 137 units of Walmart Inc stock valued at over $19,181. This is the company’s smallest shareholder, and he has made six trades in the past seven years. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of 2020.

Aside from the above-mentioned Bigg, the Last Mr. Bigg’s other notable accomplishment is his contribution to the creation of the Three Six Mafia gimmick. The aforementioned gimmick involved a car that was wrapped around a pole on Houston Street. There was no official tally as to how many cars were involved, but it’s likely that at least half a dozen were involved.

Several other lesser-known achievements include contributing vocals to the song “Poppin’ My Collar”. This may have been the most impressive of all, but it has been proven that he only sung on two other tracks. Likewise, he is not known for his lyrics, which are better served by a more seasoned singer.

Although he was never the biggest or best in his field, Mr Bigg was the smartest, the most creative, and the most influential. For a brief moment, he was the envy of his peers, but he eventually found himself in the lion’s den. Fortunately, he had a little help in the form of a few pranksters, a savvy lawyer, and a few good friends. These three, along with his former manager Wayne Barrow, helped him turn his life around. Eventually, Bigg was able to earn tens of millions of dollars after his death.

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