The Labrant Family Clips

The Labrant Family Clips

Cole and Savannah LaBrant of YouTube fame boast an enormous fanbase, with millions of followers following them and brands eager to collaborate. Their children are adorable and they appear close; yet being subjected to public scrutiny can be detrimental. This is particularly true if your influencer status includes millions of followers.

Recently, the LaBrant family faced criticism for their anti-abortion views. Their recent video entitled Abortion offered a 40-minute documentary exploring their pro-life stance as well as featuring interviews from healthcare experts, church members and people who had undergone abortions.

This video has generated strong reactions due to its comparisons of abortion to several genocides, including the Holocaust. Furthermore, cherry-picking statistics to demonize those who choose abortion is particularly alarming given that this family boasts 13 million subscribers of which many children belong.

Hard to imagine that such an innocent-appearing family could create such controversial content; all the more so given that much of it appears family-oriented like challenges and lifestyle vlogs with Everleigh, Posie, and Zealand.

But despite their good intentions, the family has been accused of exploiting their children to promote an agenda. From playing tricks on their daughter about giving away her dog to filming them in the middle of a wildfire – whatever it might be – their children have been accused of being used for views by using them to push an agenda forward.

The LaBrant family have experienced an extraordinary journey since launching their YouTube channel in 2013. After producing daily vlogs about life with their children, their popularity skyrocketed, garnering them millions of subscribers on both YouTube and Tiktok – garnering thousands of sponsored content opportunities that brought in big bucks for them and brought the family a fortune through sponsorship deals.

Unsurprisingly, the internet can be an arena where drama thrives; some families seem better at navigating these waters than others; the Labrant family seems adept at doing just that – although not without experiencing some issues of their own.

If you enjoy following the Labrant family, make sure to follow them on social media – Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are great places for that – along with their official website which features their latest videos. We wish them the best! Do you feel that LaBrants handled the Abortion controversy well? Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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