The Hod King Recap

Hod King Recap – Book 3

The third installment in this series is an intense one. Though its plot may be slower than Arm of the Sphinx, there are still exciting action sequences and an exceptional villain in Luc Marat – Tom Senlin’s true adversary; he exudes villainy while dishing out brutal acts and having aggressive tantrums to comic effect; also managing to serve as a moral foil against which Tom, Sphinx and other key Tower figures could rally around as an effective moral support network.

Tom begins the story attempting to reach Marya, now married to one of Pelphia’s most powerful figures and therefore, an unlikely heroine in fantasy novels. Marya herself has gained celebrity status through money, wealth and status; therefore she does not qualify as one. Yet still, due to fame and commitment towards her husband she remains isolated.

Tom finds a limited chance of reconnecting with her in Pelphia, which feels similar to Panem’s Capitol and is quite eccentric. Pelphia may seem luxurious and classy on the surface, but under its luxurious facade lie obese citizens and back stairways inhabited by Hod slaves – quite an absurd contrast!

Tom must infiltrate the city by disguising himself as a noble lady and her maid to locate Marya, with help from Voleta and Iren who are also trying to contact Marya; their efforts become complicated by an aggressive Prince who pursues them both and increases tension between them.

This book truly feels like the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy, thanks to Bancroft’s writing. His talent lies in creating subplots that are equally captivating – whether that means Voleta and Iren’s character development or political tension within the Tower – Bancroft has an ability to keep readers hooked with every plotline in this novel.

This book boasts one of the greatest climaxes ever, featuring some surprising plot points that will leave readers reeling with shock and disbelief. Furthermore, its emotional content brings characters closer than ever to breaking point.

“I would highly recommend The Hod King to any fan of the series, and it has certainly become my favorite entry in it so far. It overcomes the slow pace of The Arm of the Sphinx while deepening relationships further and propelling Senlin towards his final journey leg. I can’t wait to see what surprises lie in store in book four and four are this incredible trilogy!”

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