The Greatest Showman Albino Twins

Albino Twins in The Greatest Showman

At the height of circus popularity in America and across the globe in the 19th century, bounty hunters combed through America and abroad in search of sideshow attractions to convert. They would find these people by browsing business journals or newspaper ads; Chang and Eng Bunker–conjoined twins who performed with multiple circuses–were easy prey: their albino skin had watery blue eyes which many mistook as indicators of mental incompetence.

Harriet Muse might have first noticed her sons outside the tent on a banner, though they might have been disguised to appear neither albino nor black as this tactic is often employed to placate an angry public. What happened next is unclear; what we do know is that these children were exploited and mistreated for years by their employers.

The Greatest Showman features many diverse performers, including albino characters. These unique individuals add depth to the narrative while their appearances and talents demonstrate the beauty of individualism and challenging societal norms. Their inclusion has spurred on a larger dialogue around diversity within Hollywood; we’ve collected all of the most intriguing albino characters from this acclaimed 2017 movie to give you a better sense of their significance in it.

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