The Grady Twins Halloween Costume

The Grady Twins Halloween Costume

If you’re familiar with The Shining, the Grady Twins will surely stand out as one of its stand-out characters. Their iconic scene in which they stand at the end of a hallway inviting Danny to come play with them is sure to send chills down your spine – make this costume part of your Halloween party costume and recreate this momentous scene!

This costume set provides everything necessary to recreate the haunting twins from The Shining. It includes a blue dress, waist ribbon and hair clips designed specifically for one individual ghost; however, you could always team up with another ghost at your party and create the ultimate twin effect!

No matter your taste in film adaptations of Stephen King books, fans of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining adaptation will surely enjoy this costume – guaranteed to leave friends and family terrified this Halloween! Perfect for parties and movie marathons alike – or even take it camping for some eerie camping fun.

The Shining is an iconic horror film featuring Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson). The story explores his struggle against alcoholism while confronting ghostly forces at Overlook Hotel. An unforgettable piece of cinema, The Shining makes for an excellent viewing experience.

Grady and Louise appear in some of the most disquieting scenes of Hotel Transylvania 2, from when they’re murdered to their haunting presence in a hotel hallway – becoming iconic movie moments in their own right. Dressing as these twin characters this Halloween can be an excellent way to startle friends away!

In the film, both twins wear pale blue dresses adorned with white polka dots and white lace accents. Belted waist dresses feature Peter Pan collars with puff sleeves; heavier pleats at the hem are trimmed with lace as well. Completing their costume are matching socks and hairclips.

This costume is designed as a one-size-fits-most option and should fit most adults, though we advise consulting the costume size chart photo to make sure you find your exact size. Crafted by Orion Costumes (renowned for producing inventive and inspiring costumes for all events), this will make an impressive pair act at Halloween or any event calling for scary twin acts!

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