The Goonies Chunk Tells Everything

Chunk, One of the Goonies

Chunk is one of the goonies, the boisterous kids from the classic film The Goonies. He’s an adept liar with a knack for fabricating stories about himself and others.

On a quest to save their homes, the Goonies discover a treasure map that may lead them to uncover the long-lost riches of legendary pirate “One-Eyed Willy,” so they set off on this mission. Unfortunately, the map leads them to an abandoned restaurant on the coast and through various traps; ultimately requiring them to rely on each other for safety.

The Goonies are a group of teenagers living in Astoria’s “Goon Docks” neighborhood who are trying to save their houses from foreclosure and uncover an ancient treasure map that leads them on an epic quest to uncover the long-lost riches of One-Eyed Willy – a legendary 17th-century pirate.

Chunk is the sole person trying to enter the Lighthouse Lounge, a derelict restaurant that appears to have been converted into a drug den. Unfortunately, Chunk has been taken hostage by members of the Fratelli crime family; when they discover him in their ORV they throw him back into the Lounge for further processing.

He’s then interrogated by the Fratellis, who demand that he disclose everything about his life. During this process, he spills his entire family tree to them and threatens to expose their secrets if released. After dropping the doubloon that came with the map however, they believe him and release him.

Chunk and his friend Chloe follow a tunnel into the basement of Francis and Jake Fratelli’s house, where they meet Sloth Fratelli – the hulking younger brother to Francis and Jake Fratelli. At first scared by Sloth, Chunk quickly makes friends with him over their shared love for food.

Cohen hasn’t been active on social media since leaving The Goonies, but that didn’t stop him from sharing posts related to the film. He often shares memes related to the movie and shares random Goonies products he finds.

Cohen has kept himself busy while away from the industry with work at a law firm and as a writer. He’s an acclaimed expert on business in Hollywood, having written articles for numerous major publications.

He’s a huge fan of the 1980s, and sometimes posts about his time as a child star on social media platforms. Additionally, in 2020 he participated in an online reunion with his Goonies co-stars which raised over $100,000 for charity No Kid Hungry.

Jeff Cohen has achieved great success as an entertainment lawyer, yet he will always be remembered for his role as Chunk in The Goonies. After being cast, Cohen worked at the studio where the movie was made and eventually found employment on the business side of Hollywood – according to The ABA Journal. Additionally, in 2002 he opened his own law firm located in Los Angeles that serves clients nationwide.

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