The Apprentice Game Nudality Easter Egg

The Apprentice Game’s Nudality Easterer Egg

Despite being a children’s game, The Apprentice contains an in-game nudality easter egg. By entering certain cheat codes, players can reveal a scantily clad anime girl. If the player is fortunate enough to find one these cheat codes, they will be able to zap the woman nude. The game’s nudality easter egg was unveiled nearly nine years after it was released, and hundreds of players have tried it to their heart’s content.

There are many hidden easter eggs in the game, but one of its most controversial was when smurfette appears nude while crouching down. Another one was the master hand, which was an unlicensed glover ripoff that served as a boss in smash bros. One of the developers eventually decided to make the codes public. The game’s nudity was the subject of a lot of discussion.

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