Thanksgiving Song Ben Rector Chords

Ben Rector’s Thanksgiving Song

Ben Rector’s latest release, “Thanksgiving Song,” is a cheerful and upbeat celebration of the holiday in all its majesty. Ben Rector’s catalogue boasts seven studio albums and an enthralling live show, all of which have been praised for their creativity and originality. In a crowded market, Rector has managed to carve out an exclusive niche for himself. Rector has often been compared to James Taylor and John Fogerty, yet he prefers keeping things cool. He loves to let his hair down occasionally and throw himself around the stage which makes for an exciting performer to watch.

Rector stands out among musicians by not being particular about his instruments or how much time he gets to spend playing them. After spending over a decade honing his craft in and out of the studio, the former Tulsa resident is currently touring around the world and writing songs for his next album.

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