Tgi Fridays Ice Cream Cake

TGI Fridays Ice Cream Cakes

An irresistibly decadent dessert perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Boasting moist chocolate fudge cake, cookies and cream ice cream, rich caramel sauce and glazed pecans.

Iceland now stocks TGI Fridays cakes that provide an ideal summer cooling treat! Available in two flavors – Cookies and Cream Sundae Ice Cream Cake is a delectable dessert of vanilla flavoured ice cream, cookie crumble, and delectable chocolate sauce on a chocolate biscuit base while their Raspberry Ripple Sundae Ice Cream Cake features both tart raspberries and creamy vanilla-flavoured ice cream for a truly decadent dessert experience!

Get yourself a TGI Fridays Toffee Caramel Mound for dessert – a toffee caramel cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and premium caramel sauce spiked with Jack Daniel’s.

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