Texas Metal Slim Thug

Texas Metal’s Loud and Lifted With Slim Thug

Slim Thug of Houston-based rapper Slim Thug has such a deep appreciation for his home city that he even got its name tattooed onto his back. An avid car enthusiast, he recently brought Ektensive Metal Works team over to Motor Trend for an episode of their spin-off series TEXAS METAL’S LOUD AND LIFTED series.

The Texas crew builds everything from massive mudstompers to supercharged street racers, and its experts in various fields are here to demonstrate it on this new TEXAS METAL spin-off series. Wide Open Garage’s father/son duo of Dave and Daniel Donnan specialize in MegaTrucks and muddy rigs while Josh George & Mark Pyles from Mod Mafia specialize in rock-crawling Hummers & other all terrain vehicles while 1 Way Diesel Performance boasts brothers Chase, Clay & Tommy Wells that build everything from low riding Mac trucks & diesel pro-mod race cars!

At the core of it all lies a passion for crafting astounding monster machines in garages across the nation, and their willingness to show you exactly how this happens with incredible results that are sure to amaze.

Slim Thug has spent millions on customizing and tricking out his fleet of automobiles, spending over $1 Million. When he visited EMW for this episode of TEXAS METAL he expressed his desire to expand his creative capacity.

On Wednesday (April 14), he shared a clip from his appearance and invited fans to tune into “#TexasMetal.”

MotorTrend TV will air this episode every Wednesday at 10 PM ET/PT and can also be streamed online via MotorTrend+. Produced for MotorTrend by Coachbuilt Content and Be Collective Media with Daniel Miller and Patrick Myatt as executive producers from Coachbuilt; Joshua C. Berkley is responsible for MotorTrend TV; for more on TEXAS METAL please visit its official site.

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