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Teresa Palmer Heard in Aquaman 2

Teresa Palmer Heard has been in the spotlight lately due to her divorce from Johnny Depp and their contentious relationship. Since their split, Depp has accused Teresa of physically abusing him and is currently engaged in a legal battle to prove it.

The actress’ reputation has been damaged, yet she continues to strive for success in her career. Most recently, she starred in an independent movie called The Ever After that follows the story of a couple who has difficulty communicating with one another.

In this film, she played Sarah, an alluring lady with dramatic smokey eye makeup, bronzed cheeks and glossy lips.

She completed the look with a blue shirt, dark denim slim-fit jeans and lace-up shoes. To complete it, she donned white sunglasses and carried a delicate bouquet of flowers around her waist as she strolled through a park with partner Michiel Huygens.

Teresa Palmer Heard stars in The 2:22 Curse, an Australian thriller featuring Teresa Palmer Heard as a woman whose life unravels at 2.22pm daily. Remade from 1991’s original, this remake has become a worldwide sensation.

Aquaman 2 – She’s in the film, but fans want her removed

After hearing about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal drama, it’s no shock that fans have taken issue with her presence in the upcoming movie. There has even been a petition launched in an effort to have her removed from the project.

At present, the petition has amassed 4 million signatures in support of replacing Heard with Blake Lively in the upcoming movie.

The artist The Imaginative Hobbyist shared some artworks on Instagram featuring Heard as other actors such as Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll, Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke and Hacksaw Ridge’s Teresa Palmer. Additionally, The artist captioned these images with the message that he can’t wait to see them “on the big screen.”

Heard is still shooting Aquaman 2, though there has yet to be confirmed whether she will reprise her role as Mera. Some fans believe she should be removed due to legal troubles while others argue that she should keep it because she has worked so hard on the project.

Her ex-husband Depp has a history of abuse in his personal life, including multiple assaults against women. During the trial, Depp’s attorney claimed Heard had written an op-ed in 2018 accusing Depp of physical and emotional abuse.

Two years after their divorce, Depp’s team released an op-ed criticizing Heard for what they perceived to be a preemptive strike against her. Additionally, there have been other allegations of domestic violence from Heard as well as text exchanges with former friend Paul Bettany in 2013 that included the phrase “Let’s burn Amber.”

Although Heard’s statements are based on her own experience, it appears that Heard will need to fight for her place in the DCEU. Warner Bros and DC haven’t ruled out Heard returning as Mera, but if they do it would be impossible to replace her.

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