Ted Baird Net Worth

Ted Baird Net Worth – How Much Is Ted Baird Worth?

In July 2022, Ted Baird’s net worth was estimated at $12k. The YouTuber was a successful businessman and an aspiring singer. His earnings per video ranged from $194 to $551 as of July 2018. Based on how many views his videos get each month, that means he earned between $140 and $400 per month. Additionally, Baird’s net worth may increase due to earnings from sponsored ads and merchandising.

The adventurer has deep roots in the wilderness. He grew up in the Canadian bush and spent his childhood at his family cabin. This helped him to develop his survival skills. As a teenager, he took up whitewater canoeing, and since then has logged thousands of miles canoeing and paddling. He also completed a 400-mile canoe expedition through Canada. He has turned to photography because of his love for nature and wilderness.

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