Tama County Jail Bookings And Arrests

Tama County Jail Bookings and Arrests

Tama County Jail bookings and arrests are a useful tool to help you determine how many people are currently in custody. The county’s website provides a user-friendly search button that allows you to input a person’s name and find out more about their custody status. In addition, it will tell you how much bail is and where the person is located.

The jail is part of the Tama County Sheriff’s Office. It’s a medium-to-high security facility. It houses adult inmates who have been convicted of misdemeanors and felonies. Most of the inmates in the jail are males, but there are also a number of women inmates.

All inmates are expected to wear the Tama County Jail uniform, which consists of scrubs or a jumpsuit. They also have to exhibit good behavior. There are up to 30 inmates at the jail at any one time. This makes it the second largest jail in the state.

Searching for Tama County arrest records can be done via the jail’s website or through the mail. If you don’t have an inmate’s name, you can use the inmate database to identify someone who has been arrested in the last 24 hours. You will find information on the arrestee’s date of birth, race, and custody status. When you’re requesting a copy of an arrestee’s record, you will need to provide their full name and ID number.

Another way to get information about an inmate’s criminal history is to request a copy of their mugshot. These pictures are taken by local police, and are stored with their criminal records. Many victims use mugshots to identify bad guys. However, you will need to file a Petition to Expunge the arrest record to have the picture removed.

The Tama County Sheriff’s Office manages all three jails in the county. Aside from the jail, the office also has administrative functions. It has the most technologically advanced 911 center in the United States.

The Tama County website lists the three jails and the numbers of inmates in each. It also has driving directions, a jail population list, and a user-friendly search button. By using these resources, you can track down an inmate’s roaster, and see their current address, photos, and other information.

To request a copy of an inmate’s booking, contact the Sheriff’s Office. The agency is open to the public and will provide you with copies of arrest and criminal records. After a waiting period, some of the records will be available.

Other information you may be able to find on the Tama County website includes the location of an arrest, the type of charge, and the defendant’s release date. Some criminal records can also include details about the defendant’s sex offender history.

Tama County’s jails are medium-to-high security, and they are supervised by more than 62 employees. Their staff members also oversee the Tama County Work Leave Center, which is located a short distance from the jail. As of 2010, the incarceration rate for men was 236 per 100,000 male U.S. residents, while the rate for females was 19 per 100,000.

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