Sweater Worn By Monica On Yellowstone

Is Monica Dutton on the Cutting Block For Season 5 of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone on Paramount Network’s is well known to feature an antagonistic Dutton clan, yet one character in particular – Monica Dutton, Beth and Jamie Dutton’s mild-mannered sister-in-law – has received far less outrage than she should. Monica stands out because she doesn’t display any harmful qualities – no backstabbing, no murdering of family members etc – instead she remains light-hearted figure who occasionally stumbles into trouble when in the wrong place at the wrong time like everyone else on Yellowstone!

But that doesn’t justify her being treated so negatively; she’s far from being an awful person; in fact, she’s one of the strongest and smartest characters on the show. Unfortunately, though, she often falls victim to a series that’s far too violent and overdone, with characters that lack depth like some others in Dutton world.

No doubt this has led to speculation as people begin to speculate whether Monica Dutton is set for removal in Yellowstone’s fifth season. As reported by TV Line in late 2017, there have been speculations that it could be her and Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) last season on Yellowstone; although these reports were likely just speculation at the time; nonetheless creator Taylor Sheridan has made it abundantly clear that no character can ever truly escape danger on Yellowstone.

Fans have already witnessed some of this drama play out in the first two episodes, when a man tried to kill Monica while at school and caused a serious head injury. But real drama will start next week when an intruder enters Monica and Tate Dutton’s (Brecken Merrill) home and threatens them both.

This would likely cause tension between John and Kayce as they each seek control of the property; yet what if that intruder were an unexpected member of their clan? Such an outcome would be particularly heartbreaking for Kayce who has always remained true to them.

Asbille remains optimistic that there’s hope for Monica and the Dutton family. Recently speaking to Variety about her role, Asbille explained she felt as though she’s “come full circle” in terms of understanding her place within the show; additionally she teased that season five will see Monica experiencing a major loss which will alter her character in profound ways.

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