Stew Kaufman

Linda Cohn and Stew Kaufman

Stew Kaufman and Linda Cohn were married for 28 years. The couple have two children, Sammy, a daughter, and Dan. The couple is currently divorcing. Linda and Stew were great parents to their children. After their breakup in 2019, Linda got back together with hockey coach Matt Voity. The relationship ended after 11 years of dating. Linda was a wonderful mother to her children.

Before getting married, Stew Kaufman and Linda Cohn were college sweethearts. They split because of personal issues. Stew has two children from his relationship with Cohn. His net worth is estimated at $1 million. His academic background and private life are not known. It is unknown how long Stew has been married to Linda Cohn. His net worth is not disclosed, but his net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Stew Kaufman is currently single. However, he was previously married to Linda Cohn. They dated in college and divorced due to personal reasons. Although they separated, the two have two children together. Linda Cohn is a good mother and supports Stew. Linda Cohn is also a mother to Sammy Kaufman. There are many rumors about Stew’s relationship to Linda Cohn. Linda Cohn is still single.

Linda Cohn and Stew Kaufman were married when Cohn was a student at SUNY Oswego. They have two daughters together. After 28 years of marriage, they split in 2008. Cohn began dating Matt City, a hockey coach. The relationship was reportedly based on rumors about Stew Kaufman cheating on her. Despite the split, both Stew and Linda Cohn are still in their career.

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