Stars And Stripes Forever Piano Solo

The Stars and Stripes Forever Piano Solo by John Philip Sousa

Few American melodies elicit such patriotic emotion as John Philip Sousa’s master march, The Stars and Stripes Forever. Now this beloved melody has been arranged for intermediate string orchestra with all of Sousa’s famous melodies, countermelodies, as well as a modified version of his famous piccolo solo that can easily be played by an optional violin solo or section (extending only up to third position with harmonics).

The Stars and Stripes Forever Piano Solo is available as a digital download through ArrangeMe, Hal Leonard’s global self-publishing community for independent composers and arrangers. This file is in PDF format which you can print out or save onto your computer.

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About this item

This piano solo is an ideal choice for early intermediate pianists. It’s a straightforward arrangement that is sure to capture students’ attention, and can be used as teaching material about tempo and phrasing. Written in cut time, the piece utilizes intervals through the 6th, tonic, and dominant-7 chords as well as additional triads.

Guitar Professor Guy Van Duser was the first to create a solo guitar arrangement of this classic tune, which has since become one of his signature pieces. It always draws large crowds during his live concerts and has been performed by an array of guitarists from Chet Atkins to Rick Foster to Doug Smith.

Sousa’s iconic march has been arranged for a variety of instruments, such as piano, zither, mandolin, banjo and even jazz ensembles! The result has been an enormous hit with audiences and serves as a prime example of what can be done with an iconic patriotic theme.

About the Composer

John Philip Sousa was an innovator of march form, where repeated melodic phrases are played in sections known as strains. Notable examples include his iconic “Stars and Stripes Forever” and military-inspired “Stars and Stripes Forever March.”

Sousa’s march forms remain popular to this day, with various versions being played around the world. They are typically characterized by their fast tempo and frequent use of multiple melodic strains. In addition to his own composition, Sousa wrote music for other famous marches and pieces as well. He conducted his band in several concert performances of his original works as well as publishing arrangements for different types of musicians such as full band arrangements for amateur bands.

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