Spring Break Nip Slip

Spring Break Nip Slip

Spring break nip slips occur when women accidentally reveal more skin than intended while on vacation, usually when their top flies open and exposes more than they intended to show. This is often an embarrassing issue among college students during spring break; particularly true if wearing bikinis or other skimpy clothing such as bikini bottoms; especially if attempting to make an impressionable first impression with dates or potential partners.

Multiple college girls have found themselves embroiled in this spring break nip slip scandal. One student was even arrested after accidentally exposing herself in a public restroom during an attempt to take a leak, when her shirt accidentally ripped open exposing her nipples. As a result, this student was charged with indecent exposure and arrested.

Teen girl admitted taking a selfie showing her breasts. Since then, she has been suspended from school. Another teen girl also posed in bikini with breasts showing; her skirt was then blown up. That student has since been banned from campus until next semester ends.

The college nip slip scandal has been an embarrassment to all parties involved, yet everyone seems to have moved past this debilitating episode.

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