Snooki And Emilio Masella

Snooki & Jwoww Star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Is Pregnant

Snooki & Jwoww star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is said to be pregnant. However, the reality TV personality has been denying the report. She is not pregnant but has a new boyfriend. In fact, her former boyfriend Emilio Masella has come back into the picture, and has a lot to say about his ex.

The two started dating before Jersey Shore hit the airwaves. Jionni LaValle seems to be genuinely sweet, but he also seems to be clueless about Snooki. He thinks he can change her. It’s unclear whether he even understands who she is, but he may think he can get her to be a better person.

In April 2011, Snooki was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University. Her appearance fees increased from $2,000 per event to $10,000 after she was punched in the face in Seaside Heights.

Before she appeared on television, Snooki was a cheerleader at Marlboro High School. She later studied to be a veterinary technician at Brookdale Community College in New York. She’s now the owner of her own clothing store, Snooki Shop. Despite her fame, Snooki still has anorexia. A breast augmentation helped her gain the C cup she wanted. Several television shows have featured Snooki, including The New Celebrity Apprentice and WWE’s Monday Night Raw. She was also a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

Masella has said that he wants to make Snooki happy, and that he thinks having a baby will bring out the better side of her. He also thinks that having a child will help Snooki’s career. If she has a baby, he will be her baby’s father. But Snooki is too young to be a mom, and she doesn’t want to lose her reputation as a star.

In January 2011, Snooki spoke to MTV News about her relationship with Emilio Masella. She claimed that Masella was cheating on her. That’s when Snooki decided to break up with him. Snooki feared that Masella was using her to achieve success in his career. And then he auditioned for MTV’s Real World. When he was rejected, Snooki thought he was using her for fame.

After his break up with Snooki, Masella had a falling out with Giancola. After the episode aired, Giancola left for home. Most of the castmates urged her to break up with her love interest, but she refused. She then got into a fight with Ortiz-Magro. Later, she told TMZ that she felt that she was in the wrong.

This week, Snooki and Masella re-emerged as a thorn in her side, and he’s threatened to fight her. Snooki’s lawyers have warned him to shut up, but he’s not giving up his fifteen minutes of fame.

Whether or not he will appear on Season 2 of Jersey Shore is anyone’s guess. If it does happen, he may be the most hated character on the show. His comments about Snooki’s pregnancy have made him a polarizing figure. Nevertheless, he’s looking for a new woman.

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