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A Review of Last Night’s Episode of Saturday Night Live

Last night was an extraordinary episode of Saturday Night Live as it broadcast live across all time zones and welcomed first-time host and card-carrying member of the Hunky Chris Squad Chris Pine as host for his inaugural hosting role. This was an exceptionally spirited and hilarious night, with cast members particularly amped to bring it during this frothy yet slightly scandalous episode – making for an incredible way to kickoff summer and test out its new format.

One of the night’s standout sketches was Chris Pine’s parody of RuPaul’s Drag Race with stereotypically masculine car mechanics we know so well; Chris’ garage full of greasy mechanics were reluctantly revealed as secret fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race before they later admitted they loved Trinity Taylor’s “tuck” (taping your hotdog down between its buns to create that flat crotch look). Though quite risque for SNL standards, it was extremely funny.

Another memorable scene featured Sasheer Zamata and an unexpectedly large group of SNL cast members singing the theme song of Carmen San Diego, a 1990s movie about a boy looking for his parents. Although only short, it was incredible watching all these actors crooning away to this classic tune in their retro outfits – truly worth a watch and perhaps inspiring you to break out your own Carmen San Diego dance moves at home!

While Wednesday night’s episode of SNL was mostly enjoyable and humorous, some parts weren’t quite working. In particular, the “Couples Game Night” sketch didn’t really resonate with audiences due to being too niche or odd for its context compared to other sketches on show.

Overall, it was an enjoyable and captivating show that is sure to only become better and better with time. So don’t put off watching tonight; do yourself a favor and tune in now!

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