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Adele Stone Returns to Saturday Night Live As the Host

After an extended absence, British singer Adele is back on Saturday Night Live as its host. Although she hadn’t been a frequent visitor since 2008, this marks her second time hosting the comedy sketch show.

She’s an ideal choice for the role, having earned a reputation as an incredible musical guest. Furthermore, as one of music’s most renowned and recognizable artists worldwide, it makes sense that she should be given such a prestigious gig as a host.

In 2008, she made her first appearance as a musical guest to promote her debut album 19. Two years later in 2015, she released her second studio album 25 and this time as host. This time around she’ll be joined by R&B singer H.E.R who has seen tremendous success over the last year.

Adele’s SNL appearance will mark her third overall, and she plans to sing two snippets of her songs during her monologue and perform some skits throughout the episode. During her monologue, Adele addressed questions surrounding her decision to step away from hosting duties for a few years and her fear of performing her fourth album live for an audience.

Fans who have witnessed the British singer’s performances on Saturday Night Live know that she never disappoints, and fans eager to see if her appearance will result in another record release – when will that be?

She’s already achieved success in the UK with her latest single, Hello, and it is expected that she will remain a global sensation. She has previously performed at the Grammys as well as other shows and concerts around the world.

For her Saturday Night Live performance, The Londoner donned a long-sleeved fringed midi dress. The ensemble was both elegant and boho, as she exuded confidence through her vocals.

As the show’s host, Stone brought her trademark laugh-out-loud style and did an excellent job of keeping everything lively. She even cracked jokes when playing Wallace – a fish out of water who goes a bit overboard with some overly provocative gifts – on Bridal Shower Gifts.

In the end, her performance on Saturday Night Live was adequate – though not quite up to par with her previous SNL episodes. Her characters often sounded flat and her voice could have used more life.

Celebrity Family Feud, as hosted by SNL, was an entertaining endeavor and brought together a group of international stars for friendly competition. Aidy Bryant’s impersonations of Adele, Jay Pharoah’s Drake, Kate McKinnon’s Shakira and Andrew Garfield’s Justin Timberlake all provided laughs that made for an enjoyable bit.

The episode also featured plenty of the show’s classic sketch comedy, such as Sofia Vergara and Chris Tucker’s Star Wars audition. While some of these sketches seemed like they could have been written by someone who hadn’t watched an SNL episode before, there were a few new ones that did quite well.

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