Skyla Whitaker And Taylor Paschal Placker

Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Paschal Placker

Skyla Whittaker (the best HS volleyball player we have) and Taylor Paschal Placke (the best snowboarder we have) are two outstanding students at Notre Dame.

Skyla Whittaker: An impressive athlete with a heart of gold. She had been the varsity runner up since her freshman year and earned herself a spot on the all-conference first team this season. Playing volleyball since she was little, Skyla possesses incredible agility and an unbeatable fielding ability.

b) Taylor Paschal Placker: As one of the more experienced players on the varsity, Taylor was a four-year starter and is an integral part of their back court. Last spring they won their conference championship and are looking to build on that success this season.

C) Taylor Paschal Placker: As the smallest member of her squad, Taylor is set to be unstoppable this spring. As the team’s ace in the hole, her athletic prowess puts them on track for their first winning season since 2006.

True blue in every sense, she will be greatly missed.

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