Sister Wives Teaser Trailer

Sister Wives Teaser Trailer For Season 17

A teaser trailer has been released for Season 17 of TLC’s Sister Wives, and it gives viewers an idea of what to expect in the upcoming season. The show follows the lives of four polygamous wives of Kody Brown, and the new trailer shows that the family is having trouble settling in their new home.

It’s been 12 years since TLC first introduced the Browns, and their unconventional family dynamic is still resonating with viewers because of their honesty, vulnerability and now, their relatability. The show was the first of its kind and challenged the traditional notion of a family mold.

Fans are hoping to see Christine Brown’s marriage crumble to pieces when Sister Wives returns in September, and judging by the new trailer, it looks like it could happen.

According to TLC, the show will take an emotional turn in its 17th season after Christine decided to leave her husband and separate from him. The Season 16 finale showed that Christine opted to sell her home and move back to Utah, where she would be closer to her children.

Meanwhile, Kody and Janelle are still struggling in their marriage. They’ve both admitted to their families that they aren’t in love with each other anymore, and Janelle has also been renting a house for $2,000 per month to start her own retail business.

A rift between Kody and his second wife, Janelle, was brought to light in Season 16 when the COVID-19 pandemic physically separated the Brown family. During the episode, Kody was adamant about his family staying at home to disinfect and prevent spreading the disease. However, Janelle felt that she was being forced to stay away from her sons Garrison and Gabriel, who have a hard time understanding why their mother isn’t spending more time with them.

As a result, she told Kody to ‘fuck off’ for forcing her to stay in the house.

While Kody isn’t in love with her, he loves her children and wants her to be happy. He’s also concerned about her health, and he’s been trying to get her to get a full-time job and find a way to pay for medical bills.

He even made it clear that he doesn’t want to gamble her life by leaving her with the other wives during the COVID outbreak.

There’s a lot to unpack in this season of Sister Wives, and we can’t wait to see it all unfold.

In addition to Christine’s divorce from Kody, the trailer shows that Meri is considering moving back to Utah for the sake of her children, and Janelle has been having issues with her marriage. She’s also renting a house for the sake of launching her retail business, and is facing housing problems.

The show will follow the struggles of the Browns as they struggle to adjust to their new home in Flagstaff, Arizona. Watch new episodes of Sister Wives on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC and the Discovery Plus app.

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