Sheri Moon Zombie Body

Sheri Moon Zombie Body Facts

Sheri Moon Zombie is an award-winning fashion designer, dancer, model, voice actor and movie actress who has made several film and television appearances, such as The Haunted World of El Superbeasto 3 From Hell Californication as well as music videos for bands Black Label Society and Prong.

Sheri Zombie is married to heavy metal musician and director, Rob Zombie. The two first met during his band tour as dancer/costume designer before leaving to tour as solo performer and regular participant in various music videos. After dating for nine years they married on October 31, 2002 at Graceland Wedding Chapel – since that date she has appeared in all his theatrical movies as well as lending her voice in several music videos featuring Rob.

Sheri has an extremely positive and joyful personality despite her dark appearance, attributing her success to hard work and leading a healthy lifestyle – especially veganism. Additionally, Sheri is an accomplished musician and singer; both as part of her own projects as well as acting in and singing on albums/films produced by her husband.

Sheri is an exceptional performer. From playing Baby Firefly in House of 1000 Corpses II: Baby Firefly’s Revenge in 2005, or screaming out as an unhinged psychopath in Toolbox Murders; Sheri excels on film. Additionally, Sheri boasts a soft girlishly sweet speaking voice which instantly endears herself to audiences.

Sheri does not seek fame. Instead, she prefers supporting her husband’s career by traveling together for movie and album promotions, while living an easygoing lifestyle with family and friends. Additionally, Sheri is passionate about animal welfare causes as she also appreciates them deeply.

Sheri enjoys practicing yoga and spending time with her husband. Additionally, she likes painting and drawing in her free time. Additionally, Sheri maintains an extensive social media presence and boasts an active fan base.

Sheri Lyn Skurkis was born September 26th 1970 in San Jose, California. She attended Plainville High School before briefly enrolling at Connecticut School of Broadcasting for some training. Today she resides in Los Angeles California. Sheri and Rob Zombie do not yet have children, though they remain open to having kids in the future. They share both a home in Los Angeles and farm in Connecticut – two places they love spending their time enjoying nature by hiking, camping, fishing and horseback riding. Sheri loves cooking with her partner and exploring new cuisine. Additionally, Sheri is an accomplished photographer and has amassed an extensive collection of vintage cameras which she uses to capture breathtaking images of nature. As an accomplished artist she has won multiple awards and been featured in magazines for her artistic talent.

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